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Oral Hygiene in Ramadan What you need to know

1. Brush your teeth after eating a meal [meal before the morning], and dinner after breaking the fast that must done. Make sure to first brush your teeth immediately after the meal eaten before you went back to sleep.

2. Maintaining Dental Health During Ramadan. It's good, you use dental floss (dental floss) which serves to clean up the remnants of food that is not affordable between the teeth. Then gargle with mouthwash.

3. In the period of fasting, to eat the meal, make sure you consume enough water. Fill the water intake of 8 to 10 glasses. Not just to freshen the mouth organ, but water also prevents excessive dehydration when you are a lot of activity.

4. In addition to multiply the water, the consumption of vegetables and fruits. Emphasize fruits that contain lots of water.

5. Reducing the intake of cigarettes is a wise thing. Because the smoke after the meal, it exacerbates bad breath and teeth.

6. Avoid a sticky foods, like chocolate, cheese, and more. It is feared that the rest of the food will stick in between your teeth, it happen if your brushing is not appropriate.

7. Keep a routine to check the teeth to the dentist for 6 months.